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Combination Vehicle

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When checking the trailer emergency brakes, the tractor protection control valve should be placed in what position?

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When uncoupling the trailer after you shut off the trailer air supply and lock the trailer brakes, you should:

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When you get ready to back under a semitrailer you should line up:

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Compared to s straight truck or bus, there are things to inspect in combination vehicle.

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After the trailer has been coupled to the tractor, the tractor protection control valve should be placed in what position?

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There are two things that a driver can do to prevent a rollover. They are: (1)go slow around turns, and (2)

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You should not back tractor under a trailer until the whole air system is:

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You have coupled with a semitrailer. Where should you put the iron trailer supports before driving away?

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The hand valve should be used:

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Your emergency air line breaks or pulled apart while you are driving. The loss of pressure will cause the:

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If you cannot make a turn without entering another traffic lane:

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When should you use the hand valve to park a combination vehicle?

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A driver crosses the air lines when hooking up to an old trailer. What will happen?

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To unlock the fifth wheel the locking lever should be placed in the position?

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How should you test the tractor-semitrailer connection for security?

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The fifth wheel locking lever is not locked after the jaws come around the kingpin. This means that:

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You are about to back your tractor under a semi- trailer. The trailer is at the right height when the:

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After you supply air to the trailer, make sure the air lines are not crossed, and the trailer brakes are working. This is done by:

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What gear should the tractor engine be in after you uncouple the trailer and are inspecting the trailer supports?

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You are driving a combination vehicle when the trailer breaks away, pulling apart both air lines you expect the trailer brakes to come on and:

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