A commercial learner’s permit is just like a regular learner’s permit, but will allow you to operate commercial vehicles.

Decide that you want to be a truck driver, study and learn the material, and visit your local Department Of Motor Vehicles, or equivalent, and take the test. Most states allow walk-ins, but call ahead in case.

Basically, study your states manual, and use our “High Road Training Program” to not just memorize the manual, but learn the material.

You have up to 180 days to take your skills test.

Some states will have set waiting periods for you to re-take the test, and the more times you fail it, the longer the next waiting period will be, while some will let you re-try the next business day.

All of them. Whether you think that you’re going to use any or all of them in the job you have or will have, it will make it easier for you to take advantage of future opportunities.

This will vary by school, but usually just the necessities that you will need for 3-4 weeks like clothes, toiletries, etc. The school will give you a list.

This will depend on what state you’re in. Some states require it, some do not.

It will vary by school or company, but if you can, always try to have it before you go to school or your company. It will give you more time to concentrate on learning how to drive a truck.

The skills test will be 3 parts: a pre-trip vehicle inspection, a road test, and a backing skills test. Some states require re-taking all 3 if you fail 1 part, others will allow you to re-take just the part that you failed.

No, and it’s actually preferable that you are new to it. Shifting trucks and shifting cars are completely different things, and drivers with no manual experience haven’t developed shifting habits that could hinder their progress.

You will be required to inspect all of the main components and functions of the vehicle, include belts, hoses, air brakes, lights, etc. It will include components both inside the cab and outside, and you will normally have to point them out, and tell the examiner what you are inspecting for.

You will be driving on real roads in the vicinity of the testing facility, to demonstrate that you know how to handle real-world driving.

Each state may have different criteria for the backing test. You could be required to do any or all of these: straight-line backing, offset backing, alley dock, and parallel parking.

In most cases, your school or company will test you when THEY think you’re ready. Their job is to make sure you’re ready. If you need more time, normally you can get it, within reason.

You would normally be given additional chances to re-test, after more practice. Some states will require a driver to re-take all parts of the test, some require only re-taking the part you failed.

Once you have your permit, many schools and companies get you ready for the skills test in as little as 3-4 weeks.